Selling Game Assets

You are free to sell your game assets to Game Asset Market’s gaming community whether you’re an individual graphic designer (2D artists or 3D modeler), audio artist (BGM or SFX composer) or a game assets production company!

Selling is as easy as submitting your game asset to Game Asset Market. Once your submission is reviewed, you can set your own price on your assets. We’ll take care of promoting and marketing your game assets. So just sit back and relax as you start getting sales.

You will get 80% for each sale you make. You will be paid on the 1st and 16th of every month through our PayPal payments services for the overall sales you made. Don’t forget to read our Marketplace Terms & Conditions that covers our terms of use and end-user use of game assets you’re selling.

Submitting Game Assets

Learn how to submit your assets to GAM Marketplace
  1. You need to be a Vendor in order to sell game assets. Click here if you don’t have a Vendor Account.
  2. Make sure you have read GAM’s Marketplace Terms and Conditions as well as GAM’s Asset Guidelines & Specifications to ensure all your submissions comply to GAM’s asset requirements.
  3. If you already have a Vendor Account, login and use your Vendor Dashboard to submit your game assets.
  4. Your submitted assets will be subjected for review to ensure that it meets all asset requirements.
  5. Your assets can be approved in less than 24 hours depending on its complexity. Read on GAM’s Asset Guidelines & Specification to know about approval times and rejection reasons.
  6. Use your Vendor Dashboard to manage your assets, submit new assets, update your profile and view your sales reports