Overwatch New Map – Oasis

2017-01-06     Kaiser    

overwatch oasis map


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Overwatch has recently released a new map called Oasis. It’s available on Windows PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. It’s been a while since its first appearance on Overwatch’s beta test realm and players are excited to witness the finished map.

The new Oasis map is a Control Map with settings of a city in a futuristic desert. It’s literally an ‘Oasis’ in the Arabian Desert. The design of the map is flawless and detailed with perfect lighting to compensate the sunset backdrop. The background story of the map is said to be built to seclude itself on its scientific research with its inhabitants being governed by the Ministries which is a group of scientists which holds secrets that other wordly organization wants to acquire.

Blizzard also stated that they are working on a new set of heroes and new features such as ‘custom game’ mode.

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