Learn 2D Game Asset Graphic Design

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Game Assets are very important in making games. It is essential in any kind of game development, any genre or type. It is like the backbone and heart of a game. Game assets is composed of different kinds of files, package or perspective. It is a broad terminology in which a game is built with. A game asset can be 2D, 2.5D or 3D perspective. It can be images, text files of game engine specific packages. It can also be animation, user interface, sound effects or background music. In the end, every game needs a graphic design to be used and this is what makes it an in-demand source of business.

Learn Game Asset Graphic Design

Start Learning Game Asset Graphic Design

Below this article is a course in Udemy which is being sold right now for FREE. So take this opportunity to learn game asset design especially 2D graphics as every UI interface is on 2D. It comes in learning how to make game icons, artwork illustrations of weapons, equipments and items to build your own fantasy or sci-fi world or what every game concept you want to create. Every game studio or developer need these game assets to build their games so knowing how to make one makes you very marketable in the game industry.

What do you expect on this course?

  • You will not just learn how to make game assets but you will learn how to design and create professional game assets
  • Understand drawing your game arts
  • How to choose the right color for your game arts
  • And how to do Digital Painting


  • Adobe Photoshop ( you can get a free trial version from Adobe)
  • Desktop computer and a mouse. Also needs the ff:
    • Paper
    • Pencil
    • Camera
  • Drawing Tablet is optional

The course is focused on teaching you on how to create graphics to be used as game assets. So join this FREE and limited offer training course now and begin designing game art assets today!

Learn Game Asset Graphic Design Now

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