How to Monetize Your Game

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how to monetize your game

How to monetize your game? A question probably asked hundreds of times by game developers as well as game designers. As competition grows in creating games, it’s important that you learn the best practice when making your own game to be able to achieve proper monetization result. This best practice on game development has been discussed by hundreds of articles already but only a few tackles on how to monetize your game in general.

Oscar Clark, author of Games as a Service clearly elaborates in this video the ways to monetize your game. He discussed tips, best practice and recommendations for game developers to achieve maximum profit.

In order for your game to be profitable, you need to ask yourself Key questions like

  • “Why would anyone play your game?”
  • “What is your repeatable mechanic?”
  • “Is your game immediate or relevant today?”
  • “Who are your players anyway?”
  • “What do your players need?”
  • “Who are your players’ friends and why do they care about your game?”
  • “Why will your players’ friends tell their friends about your game?”

These questions, if answered correctly in your final product will drastically increase your monetization potentials. These are keys or guides that you might want to ask yourself all the time to ensure that you are on the right path of monetization success. Imagine if you’ve address all of this key factors in monetization – the result will make your game go popular, viral which is the essence of making money through your game.

It takes you only an hour to watch this video but it can save you hundreds of hours to figure out the secret in making a profitable game. It has been proven that you don’t need to make you game perfect in a sense that everything needs to be on par with games developed by big game companies. As long as you have answers to the game monetization best practices then you are definitely on the right path.

Video by PocketGamerbiz.

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