Asset Guidelines & Specifications

Creating Assets

We accept game assets of the following type:

  • 2D graphics like icons, sprites, spritesheets, background and character arts.
  • 3D models, environments, textures, materials, shaders and effects.
  • GUI (Game User Interface) using 2D or 3D.
  • Audio files specifically for games including background music (BGM) and sound effects (SFX).
  • Game Engine specific projects, templates and scripts. Supported game engines are the ff:
    • Unity
    • Unreal
    • Cocos 2D-x
    • Game Maker
    • Construct 2
    • Game Salad
    • Havok
    • RPG Maker


Before you submit your game asset, you need to make sure that it is of quality and is of commercial standards. Remember that the game development community is always looking for quality game assets as the game development competition continuous to grow.

Assets is better if it contains originality and if possible, it is easy to edit or configure to produce a whole new asset variation. In that way, your asset will be more marketable and compatible to a wider range of game genre/platforms. These can be done through your asset’s source files or you can export all possible combinations of your end product.

Ensure that all submitted assets are ready for use. Please provide universal 2D file formats as well as 3D formats that most game engine uses. If your asset is game engine specific then be sure to mention it on your technical description and apply the appropriate Category during asset submissions.

Put an instruction or ‘Read Me’ file to make sure that users of your assets knows how to use it, customize it or any other information they need to know.

Creating Your Store Listing

Make sure your asset listing is clear and concise. Having good asset listings let you have more sales and reviews from your buyers.

Ensure that all information you put on your store listing reflects the assets you’ve uploaded. Falsifying details will result into poor sales and bad reviews.

Promo graphics should be of high quality image of at least 650 px wide and at least 500 px tall. These images helps you promote and sell your assets so make sure your images contains the actual assets.

Ensure that it meets all of GAM’s Asset Requirements.

You can upload sample assets provided that you include our Game Asset Market’s watermark on each sample file. For audio music or sound effects, please use our audio watermark instead. Download GAM’s image and audio watermarks.

If you don't want your assets to be uploaded on our servers then that is fine. Instead of uploading your asset here, you can use your own asset url and use that instead (For example, your own Dropbox link, Google Drive link, etc... or your own web hosting link to your asset). Be sure that the link you provide, when put to a browser gets you to automatically downloads the file. If that is not the case then we will download your asset file and upload it on our assets server. Just a reminder that if you are using your own url link to your asset then we are not responsible if your asset has been modified or deleted on your end.

Note: All download links are encrypted and no public links will be displayed when Buyers purchases an asset. 

Pricing your assets depends on you but make sure it is of reasonable price. As per GAM’s Terms & Conditions, your assets, once published can be purchased within an unlimited amount of times. You have full control over your assets so make sure you price them wisely.

Discounts can be applied to your assets. Applying discounts vary on Game Asset Market’s promotional sales periods to all assets in the marketplace or on selected assets.

Start Selling

Asset Requirements

Any assets with copyrighted or trademarked image, file or text will automatically be denied and/or removed from the marketplace.

Images containing gruesome or heavy violence as well as over sexually explicit or pornographic materials will be automatically rejected.

If you are creating character art concept, be sure it is an original art concept and not a ‘fan’ art based on a copyrighted character, brand or logo.

When creating a complete asset package, you need to be clear on all files included on the package. All complete package can be compressed into a single file before uploading (eg. zip file).

If you are uploading an asset which is compatible with one or more game engine then you need to mention it in your asset listing as well as including a tag with the name of the game engine. In that way, buyers can easily search and filter assets if they have a preferred game engine.

Assets that are considered low on quality or does not meet current commercial standards will be rejected. This includes low pixel 2D graphics (sprites or GUI), very low poly 3D models, raw audio that contains noise or distortion and incomplete asset packages. Assets submitted must contain quality assets that are ready to use and of commercial standard (complete with promotional/featured graphics, unique and high-quality).

Any malware and/or unwanted files included on an asset submission will be automatically deleted and your vendor account will be banned.