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Game Asset Market team is growing and is currently looking for content contributors. Awesome - but wait... are there any requirements? Well... there is none!

If your sole interest is about game arts, game development, game reviews and anything related to the latest gaming trends then you’re qualified to join the team. All you need is to put it all into writing and publish your content into our website. Want to learn more? Great! The ideal candidate is someone who has knowledge on any of the below:

Game Art
Topics related to concept arts, character concepts, illustrations for CCG/TCG/Card games, background concepts, game icons and user interface (GUI). We will give the topic sources once you applied.

Game Design
Topics related to game designing or game asset creation. Tutorials on how to design a game or make game assets best fit under this category.

Game Development
Topics on game programming and development related to what Game Engines we are currently supporting. See Engine dropdown on the menu for the list of game engine topics.

Game Review
Topics related to the latest games whether mainstream or indie games. We allow video embeds of your videos from your channel. Published article though must still contain a unique article to be approved.

Being a writer on Game Asset Market is completely voluntary but if we’ve identified that your article received a lot of views then we will be compensating you with commissions by sending you payments through our PayPal service. All you need is to enter your PayPal email on the registration. No PayPal? - No problem, your email address will be used instead and you’ll receive an email on how to get your money. This information is subject to change upon our discretion.

To apply, fill up the registration form on the upper right hand corner of the page with the required details and we will review your application straight away. It won’t take long for us to approve your application so don’t worry about waiting. Note that all articles you published will be yours to keep and we promote all our articles with your name in it so be sure to write amazing contents as your name is on the line. Writing quality content is very important, so it would help if you have excellent command  on written English. Also, give us more details about yourself and your interests on the Tell us more... field so we’ll know what topics you're planning to write.

All good? Awesome! - Looking forward to hear from you!


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