Xml-driven UI Framework for UnityUI
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XmlLayout is a framework for Unity UI which allows you to develop professional, fully functional user interfaces and UI elements using Xml.

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• Utilise all of the functionality of UnityGUI through XML
• Supports event-handling, on any element (onClick, onMouseEnter, onMouseExit, onValueChanged, etc.)
• Create and modify elements dynamically at runtime
• Includes Intellisense/Autocompletesupport
• Set default values to be used by other elements (e.g. visual styles) in a similar fashion to HTML’s CSS
• Easily retrieve form data from multiple elements at once with XmlLayout.GetFormData()
• Create your own custom attributes
• Create your own custom element types
• Includes TableLayout, a layout group based on HTML tables
New in v1.02: Add tooltips to any element

Compatible with PC, WebGL, and mobile
Full source code included
Join the reddit community @ /r/XmlLayout/

New in v1.05:
Now supports PagedRect! (Sold Separately)

Getting Started with XmlLayout:

Got a question? Found a bug? Have a feature request? Please get in touch with us through our subreddit or our support e-mail.

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Summary Xml-driven UI Framework for UnityUI
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