Procedural Terrain
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Requires Unity 5.4.1 or higher.
Tellus is a procedural terrain generator based on Perlin noise, creating various terrains as a grid separating them into 1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 8×8 seam up perfectly, each one a square size.
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Summary Able adding details and objects through some simple parameters. the feature that makes special is that separates you terrains in different scenes and configure for use with scene streamer, plus advance work with occlusion, the navmesh and global illumination. Tellus can generate heights, to the mountains and the plains using a Random.Seed and perlin to ensure the same repetition when using the same seed noise, it is also capable of generating the alpha Maps or splat maps based on the terrain inclinations time. also generates the details and trees, based on Perlin,
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