RPG Items – Retro Pack 1

Retro fantasy icons, perfect for any fantasy themed game.
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These retro fantasy icons are perfect for any fantasy themed game from RPG to Sandbox genre.

Pack includes 591 retro styled item icons:

  • 147 armors & cloths
  • 76 weapons
  • 27 shields
  • 48 potions
  • 129 crafting & gathering supplies
  • 53 food
  • 25 accessory
  • 91 miscellaneous (quest items, scrolls, loot)

Each icon comes in 16×16 size, transparent background and black outline.


Customization & variations:

With some extra pixel art work, you can do many more items out of this like – add glowing enchants to the weapons or simply color the change of the armor to have more variations. Of course, derivations can only be used by the owner of the assets’ licence.

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Summary RPG items pack of 591 retro styled icons is perfect for any fantasy themed game from RPG to sandbox genre.
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