RPG-7 Launcher

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Here is a low poly Cryengine ready RPG 7, modelled in max 17 and textured in photoshop. It is ideal for any launcher category fps games or 3rd person.
This has not been rigged or animated, however, it has been optimised for game use. The max file is included in case you want to rig and animate.

PBR textures included are all 2k textures
All textured to the Cryengine PBR workflow,

The Rocket part has it’s own mesh and maps and can be detached when animating for use inside your project.

Some of those shots were rendered in CryEngine and some in Quixel.

Normal map 2k
Spec map 2k
Diffuse map 2K
AO map 2k

If you would rather have this weapon in other texture email us we would be more than happy to assist you.


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Summary Weapon RPG Launcher not rigged
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