Pixel Cave Tileset

Pixel Cave Tileset
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Cave themed platform tileset with parallax ready background and animated objects like campfire, fountain, water and spikes. One animated scorpion monster also included. Tileset and monster size is 16×16.

In this pack, you get:
– A rock-based platform-floor tileset in two colors (grey and brown), plus their blueish variation for underwater areas.
– Block size is 16×16.
– A rock-based background tileset in two colors (purple and green)
– Pixel art trees (total of 360 trees, 9 base variants, each with 10 leaf color themes and 5 trunk color themes)
– Objects designed to be used as part of the background (various rocks, trees, roots)
– Objects which players can interact with (boxes, ladder, campfire, chests)
– Animations for the following: chest opening, campfire, fountain (blue and red), water (loopable), spikes (activating and going back to initial positions)
– Five layers of parallax-ready and loopable backgrounds (3 layers with color variations, blue and green)
– One fully animated scorpion monster with color variations
– one large .GAL file with all the backgrounds and tiles, plus an example stage (You can open this file using GrahicsGale. This file serves as an example, it basically contains the tiles and background that you get in this pack.)
– one separate folder that contains all frames from the sprite sheets as individual png files (duplicated content, only stored differently – choose what works for you best in your projects)

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Summary Pixel Art Cave Tileset for any platform and/or adventure game!
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