PBR Series – Versatile Car #1

3D Car Model
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AAA Game ready model.

car pack

It comes with a multitude of texture sets and LODs to fit your particular needs.

The package includes :

– One 3d car model with 3 levels of detail. The car wheels come with 4 levels of detail.

– 18 car materials . Each set comes with 5 maps : albedo, metallic, smoothness (for convenience, metallicSmoothness) and normal. All textures are 4096*4096. Smoothness is inverted roughness.

– Useful masks to isolate the body, the lights or under the hood and customize the textures that are provided or paint your own.

-All four windows are breakable. The fragments of each window are baked into a single mesh for better performance.

The vertex count for the car’s body is :
LOD 0 : 12 002
LOD 1 : 7 857
LOD 2 : 1603

The vertex count for the car’s Wheel is :
LOD 0 : 1218
LOD 1 : 1058
LOD 2 : 536
LOD 3 : 85

Screenshots taken using Unity 5.

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Summary 3D car model with multiple texture sets.

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