Paging, Galleries, and Menus for Unity UI
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PagedRect is a complete pagination solution for the Unity UI.

PagedRect can easily be used to:
– Create multi-page tutorials
– Create multi-page menus
– Create image sliders
– Create wizards
– Create tabbed views
– Create custom UI elements

Web GL Demo

– Full source code included
– Automatic button generation
– Supports Horizontal and Vertical pagination
– Navigate using on-screen buttons, keyboard input and/or swipe gestures
– Optional ScrollRect integration for continuous scrolling
– 3 optional animation types (Slide Horizontal, Slide Vertical, Fade) or none
– Optional First/Last buttons
– Optional Previous/Next buttons
– Easily enable or disable buttons as required (useful for wizards or tutorials)
– Easily switch between pages in the editor
– Add pages easily in the editor, or dynamically using code at runtime
– Use page numbers (automatically generated) or page titles on buttons (both optional)
– Optional: automatically move to the next page after a specified amount of time (useful for image sliders)

API Documentation
Unity Forum Thread

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Summary A complete pagination/gallery/slideshow solution for the Unity UI.
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