Medieval Fantasy Town 3D Asset Pack

3D Assets to build your own Medieval Fantasy Town environment! [Mobile Ready]
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This asset pack contains 3D Assets for a Medieval-themed fantasy world, best for top-down RPG games or related uses. This asset pack is optimized for mobile devices.


– 190+ assets total including buildings, trees and shrubs, weapons, equipment, furniture and a large sort of props for exterior or interior scenes.
– Building and props can be configured in unlimited number of ways to create variety or specific concepts.
– Sample Presets are included, as well as a Demo Scene for a small town area
– 2048 texture atlases for optimization
– normal maps are included where applicable
– Does NOT include sky, terrain and interior walls and flooring for isometric rpg scenes

buildings-lineup demoscene props-lineup weapons-lineup

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Summary Pack contains 3D assets for buildings, props, environment, weapons, equipment and furniture to create a fantasy-themed medieval town. The assets are best used for top down games and are optimized for mobile.
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