Low Poly Pirate Props

Low Poly Pirate Props
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Low Poly Pirate Pack
Part 1 : Props
Stonewall Studios

This is Part 1 of a pirate themed pack containing environment objects, props, ships, characters and environment tiles. Objects are modular to easily create tile based environments.

Assets do not need to be used as part of full pirate pack. Each asset can be used separately.

Part 1 : Props – x38 Assets
– Apple
– Barrel
– British Cannon
– Pirate Cannon
– Candle
– Cannon Ball Pile
– Chest
– Compass
– Cooking Fire
– Crab
– Crate
– Cup
– Cutlass
– Daggers x2
– Fire
– Gems x3
– Lantern
– Torches x2
– Map
– Musket
– Chests x2
– Pearl
– Pistol
– Plank of Wood
– Rapier
– Rum Bottle
– Shovel
– Cannon Ball
– Skeleton
– Skull
– Spear
– Spyglass
– Table
– Turtle

– Created In Blender (Cycles)
– Available In Multiple Formats (Blender Cycles, Blender Internal, OBJ, 3DS , DAE , FBX)
– Objects Created To Real World Scale
– Game Ready Rotation, Origin , Location & Scale
– No UV Maps Used (All Material Are Diffuse)
– Average Poly Count 300 (Max Object 1200)
– File Size 19MB (Max File Size 19MB In Blender Cycles, All Other Formats Less Than 19MB)

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Summary Low Poly Pirate Props
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