The Juggernaut – Character Sprite

"You have summoned the juggernaut."
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Animation Examples:

Run Animation

Walk Animation

Forward Roll

Slash Attack

The Juggernaut- Sidescroller Platformer Fully Animated 2D Game Character

Hate him or love him. This is your chance to buy a lovely designed and animated warrior character for your next game.


  • He is drawn in Illustrator therefore 100% Vector.
  • Each body part is exported as a single sprite AND packed in a spritesheet using a similar software like texture packer to reduce space and increase performance.
  • Fully rigged and animations exported as single sprites AND packed in a spritesheet
  • Both source files .ai and .scml (Illustrator and Spriter files) are included. So easy to edit and fit your needs
  • Everything is organized and named properly.
  • Quality tested on Construct 2 and Unity3D game engines.
  • Additional drawn asset . The healing ward which has some basic animations too.


  • 30 body parts
  • 17 animations ( Idle, Idle 2, Attack, Attack 2, Hurt , Hurt Idle, Death, Walk, Run, Slide, Jump, Win Emote, Surprise Moment, Forward Roll, Balance , Kick, Summon Healing Ward)
  • Healing ward with 3 animations (Basic Hover, Follow Hero, Time’s up)

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Summary 1 character with ward, 19 animations, available as png sprites and spritesheets
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