Game Effects Animated Art Pack

A large assortment of Explosions, impact flashes, magic effects, blood spurts and more.
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This art pack is loaded with over 105 professionally drawn and animated, ready to use impact effects, explosions, fireballs, puffs of smoke and dust, magic effects, lightning effects, bonus and pick-up effects, blood splatters and more.

With the free or Pro version of Spriter you can easily customize the animations to suit your needs or the images in your own unique ways to create completely original animations. Buy this content once and it remains royalty free (non-transferable) for you to use in any of your games, whether they’re free, shareware, or commercial.

You can get the free version of Spriter from here:

Export your finished animation either as Spriter XML or JSON formats, sequential images, GIF animations, or sprite sheets at any FPS, re-sizing as needed.

You can preview the reduced content Essentials version of this Art Pack, which is free with the purchase of Spriter Pro here:

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Summary A large collection of explosions, impact flashes, magic effects, blood spurts and more. Load the animation sets in Spriter, edit and customize them if desired, then export the animations at any FPS, and scaled down to any size you require.
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