Futuristic City Buildings

Futuristic City Buildings 3D Asset Pack [Mobile Ready]
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This asset pack contains 3D assets for futuristic city buildings, best for top-down, isometric-view city building games. This asset pack is optimized for mobile.


-28 types of city buildings in futuristic styles and designs
-3 upgrade levels for each building type, with each level as a separate fbx file
-9 building sizes following a unit grid
-an animated construction phase fbx model for each of the 9 building sizes
-3 texture atlasses for all of the assets
-each of the buildings can be viewed in 2 corner-views, allowing for a flip or rotate functionality; the faces on fourth side of the building are deleted for optimization.
-the down-facing faces are deleted for optimization

screenshot_21 screenshot_31 screenshot_61 screenshot_41 screenshot_71 screenshot_51

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Summary A pack of 3D buildings with futuristic concept design with 3 different levels each. The assets are best used for top down isometric games, and are optimized for mobile.
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