Futuristic City 2D Asset Pack

Asset Pack to build your own 2D City Building Game!
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This asset pack contains 2D Assets for a futuristic spaced-themed city, for a grid-based, top down isometric game. This asset pack is optimized for mobile devices.


– 25 Building assets

– 34 tileable Terrain assets

– 8 car assets

– 46 character assets for visual novel/character dialogue

– 11 backgrounds for visual novel/character dialogue

– all assets are in Power-Of-Two (POT) dimensionsbuildings-lineup characters_visualnovel_lineup terrain-lineup

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Summary This asset pack includes 2D Assets for isometric buildings with futuristic themed design. It also includes tileable terrain assets and characters for visual novel parts of your game. This asset pack is best used for a 2D top-down city building game and is optimized for mobile.
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