Dynamic Occlusion System + LOD

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Requires Unity 5.4.1 or higher.

It is a dynamic occlusion system focused on objects that are moving, friendly with unity static occlusion system, fully automated, lowmemory consumption and highperformance. skip configurations tedious and long waits when baking

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Summary Compatible with Unity 4.5 free and pro / Unity 5/ compatible for Mobile / Etc * not need baking times, the components are managed automatically * fully compatible with procedural scenes, build your scene on awake method * easy to use, only assign a layer to DOS and uncheck the static gameobject checkbox * Occlude lights, sounds, all renderers andterrains Dynamic LOD: using only one component you can control multiple objects, you can set 3 LODs directly from your project, allowing cleaner and lessmemory consumption scenes.
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