Dark Cave Environment Pack

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A collection of 11 hand-sculpted models, each with 4K textures and 3 LOD stages.

Larger rocks are about 7,500 tris at LOD0 and 250 tris at LOD2. Textures can be downsized without much loss of quality thanks to detail textures.

All meshes are in the FBX format, textures are PNG. Assets are compressed into a .unitypackage file and can only be opened in Unity, but can theoretically be used in other programs after extraction.

Each rock makes use of custom per-model textures with the exception of the metallic map which is shared.

Per-rock heightmaps included but not used.

Includes a Unity example scene.

dark-cave-2 dark-cave-1 dark-cave-8 dark-cave-7 dark-cave-5 dark-cave-4

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Summary A beautiful cave environment featuring several hand-sculpted rocks, boulders, and stalactites.
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