Bonnie’s Default Project Setup

Completely Setup Scirra Construct 2 Project
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Welcome!  If you are a user of the Construct 2 game Engine developed by Scirra, then you’re in luck!  This cheap yet useful setup project is just what you need to jump start your future game projects.  Don’t you just wish you didn’t have to create an empty project and could just load an already created project with the menus setup and scripts.  Basically I’ve done the work for you 🙂

Once you purchase ‘Bonnie’s Default Project Setup’ you are free to use it for non-commercial and commercial use without reference.  All I ask is that you don’t buy this off me and then sell it for yourself and/or say it’s yours.

If you need to contact me to ask any questions you can email me at

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Summary This setup contains the following: Main Menu layout; Settings layout; Load Game layout; and a Store layout. Most of the options are coded in, even if they're disabled. It is pretty easy to edit the code and doesn't contain anything overly advanced.
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