Animated Pixel Knight Hero

Animated Pixel Knight Hero
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Animated Pixel Knight Hero for any platformer or metroidvania game you want to make! Perfect for hero sprite and enemies too. Now updated with one more animation and bonus files!

This pack contains:
– 15 + 1 animations
– color variations and hair style variations
– sprite sheets made in a manner you can customize the knights – 450+ possible combinations!**
– ready-to-use sprite sheets with layers merged

– added subfolders inside the “Customizable Knight Sheets” folder (grouped the sheets according to their position)
– added a new folder called “Individual PNG files”*

*This folder is just a duplicate, but some people told me that it would be nice to have all these frames as individual files. From now on you can use these assets as sprite sheets or as individual files, depending on your needs and methods.

**There are 3 hairstyles, each in 5 colors, plus a helmet, also in 5 colors to match the armors. There are 5 color variation of the armor sets: grey, white, black, gold and red. The cloth’s color on the armor also varies, mostly red, blue, purple, white etc.

Original, exact idle sprite size is 19×24. The grid of the sprite sheets is 40×40. Designed to be viewed at x2 zoom or more. Goes best with 16×16 environment tiles.

Animation examples can be found here:
– attack and block
– death

List of the animations:
1. Idle
2. Attack
3. Block
4. Crouch
5. Attack from crouch
6. Block from crouch
7. Get hurt
8. Death
9. Run
10. Throw or Hilt attack
11. Jump + Falling
12. Mid air hit
13. Turning away or back
14. Climbing up or down
15. Getting at the top of something or getting down
(13+14+15 = Climbing a ladder)
16. Rolling forward

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Summary Animated Knight Pack for any platformer or adventure game, with many variations!
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