.45 Auto Pistol [MWS]

Modern Weapon Series - .45 Pistol w/Mods
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.45 Auto Pistol Pack – Modular Weapon Series

Included is a classic version of the gun, a tactical version, full and empty clips, several weapon modifications, and a variety of sound effects.

The guns do not have any animations, but they are rigged and animation ready. Each gun has 3 bones for animation: The slide, the hammer, and the body (everything else).

Triangle counts range from 188 at the lowest (the .45 Auto shell casing) to 3,327 at the highest (the tactical version of the gun).

The triangle count for each piece are as follows:
– .45 Auto Pistol, Classic Edition (2,767 Tris)
– .45 Auto Pistol, Tactical Edition (3,327 Tris)
– .45 Auto Round (Casing/Bullet: 188 Tris; Empty Casing: 124 Tris)
– Regular Clip (1,180 Tris)
– Extended Clip (Same as Regular)
– Regular Empty Clip (332 Tris)
– Extended Empty Clip (Same as Regular Empty)
– Red Dot Sight (920 Tris)
– Red Dot Sight w/Integrated Flashlight (1,504 Tris)
– Flashlight (428 Tris)
– Laser Sight (620 Tris)
– Silencer (320 Tris)

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Summary .45 Auto handgun with several different weapon modifications and rigs, where necessary. The guns have bones for the slide and body. FBX files, prefabs, textures, materials, and weapon sounds are all included.
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