25 unique stylish swords pack

25 swords for your 2D game
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this is a pack of 25 unique well made swords that will suite any game you are working on whether it’s an RPG or a 2d Platformer those swords will easily blend with your game

what’s in the Pack ?

  • 25 swords in a 500 x 500 PNG and JPEG format
  • 25 swords in a 1500 x 1500 PNG and JPEG format
  • AI File so that you can edit whatever you want

what type of games will work the best ?

basically any 2D game will be fine and that’s because this pack provide

more options regarding colors or shapes to choose from

why buy this pack

  1. 25 unique swords will gave you a wide verity of options to choose from
  2. this pack will give your game more reasons for your players to keep coming back and playing more
  3. this pack will give your game more depth
  4. you can edit any sword easily


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Summary so in summery this pack will provide you with 25 swords every one of them is unique on it's own you can edit them as you may like you can easily blend this pack with your current artstyle
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