Heavy Armored Knight Character Art

2017-01-05     Kaiser    

Character Concept Art

This armored knight variation implies an agile kind of knight with heavy emphasis on defense or protection. Notice the sword which looks like a Scimitar is a very agile weapon. Although sword users like this will usually wear less armor to maximize speed and agility, this concept gives this knight hybrid features. Notice the armor though, it is designed to allow movements while giving its wearer additional protections.

Heavy Armor Knight by antilous on DeviantArt

A great concept art for fantasy RPG or card games where characters like knights are very staple. For MMORPG’s where character building is always the case, most players build such hybrid versions to give their character more versatility in every situation of the game. This character is also suited for main character job role where knight type characters are usually the leaders of a party when forming an MMORPG party or guild. Although this type is not the full front liner material kind of character, it can have the best of both worlds which is offense and defense.

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