Buying Game Assets

How to buy assets on the asset store

Buying assets is easy on Game Asset Market.

  • You can use the search bar to search an asset based on your keyword
  • Alternatively, you can use the main header menu to navigate and list game assets based on Category.
  • Assets will be displayed through a grid and there are buttons for you to either view/add to cart or proceed to checkout with the selected item.
  • Once you are ready, you can go to your Cart page and checkout your items.
  • You will see that Discounts can be applied based on points you earn when you shop at Game Asset Market. The more you shop the more you earn points that can be applied as discounts to the total cost.
  • You can pay via Credit/Debit Card/AliPay or PayPal.
  • Once you have paid the cost, you will automatically be redirected to the download page of the items you have purchased.
  • An email will be sent to notify you of your order and receive the download link(s) of your purchased items. The link will be available for 24 hours, once lapsed, you need to go to your user account to regenerate the download link.
  • Please see GAM's Terms and Conditions for more details and legal usage of the website.