About Game Asset Market

Game Asset Market (GAM) was originally planned to start as a game development company with plans on bringing our originally created game designs to life. Games with genres like Action and Fantasy RPGs, TCG and (2D/3D Casual Arcade games) are already set to be started. We have a wide range of game developer experts (both Desktop & Mobile) with different game engine expertise from Unreal Engine 4, Unity 3D, Cocos 2D-X, Stencyl, Game Maker and RPG Maker MV. As we gather resources and prepare for action, we noticed the scarcity of game assets online. Not just game assets but quality game assets which is of market standards and able to compete with Triple-A game development companies. We realize that in order to make these great games is to have quality game assets to create them as close to their game design concepts. As a startup and indie game development company, making games that can compete with the top games of the market today will be difficult if there are few game assets out there with little to no variations and not of the same standards or level as the assets used by the top games. And this comes our ultimate shift into something different.

Our Goal

We came into a realization that making games, whether you are an indie game developer or a big game company, shouldn’t be that hard knowing that you have all the tools to make a game instantly now. All you need are good game assets to bring your game into a reality.

And so Game Asset Market’s goal is to be a trusted game assets marketplace connecting thousands of game asset authors/publishers/creators to publish quality, commercially marketable game assets to be used by thousands of game developers out there who craves for new assets to fit in on their game concepts. We only deliver quality yet affordable game assets from 2D graphics, 3D models to Game UIs and Audio files and that is why we also make sure publishers produce only the standard and commercially applicable game assets.

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