Being a Vendor

What you need to know if you are a game assets vendor

Earnings per sale

You will earn 80% of the purchased price for each asset you sold. It's the highest net income percentage an asset store / marketplace can provide. Premium Rate for Vendors performing well will be coming soon!

What kind of game assets can I sell?

2D and GUI graphics, concept artworks or illustrations, 3D models, animations and audio files (BGM or SFX) targeted for games. Game engine specific projects, templates and scripts are also supported. Check the Selling Guide on details on how you can start selling assets on Game Asset Market.

Can I sell outside Game Asset Market?

Yes! Your game assets are not exclusive to Game Asset Market so you can list it on other marketplaces or asset stores. We believe that your asset creations deserve the maximum exposure.

When and how do I get paid?

If you are a Vendor, you will be paid for every 1st and 16th of the month. You will receive your payment through our PayPal payment service.

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About Game Asset Market

Game Asset Market's goal is to connect trusted asset creators to produce a vibrant game asset marketplace which contains quality, affordable and commercial standard gaming assets for indie game developers as well as triple-A game companies. As the gaming industry continues to grow, demand on game assets increases, that is why GAM encourages asset makers to create new assets for thousands of games being developed every day.

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Supported Game Engines

Game Asset Market supports assets for the following game engines